IMG_1909Ninety percent of Americans spend at least two hours a day looking at digital devices each day. Many people spend most of their day looking at a screen.  New studies show that it’s not the UV light, but the blue light exposure that is causing eye health issues, such as retinal and macular degeneration and even cataracts.  Blue light is found in LED lighting, computers, TVs, smartphones and tablets.  Blue light suppresses melatonin, so too much blue light at night disrupts the transition process from daylight to nighttime sleepiness.  The eye care industry is coming up with solutions.  Europtics can offer you blue-light filtering lens coatings, or lenses with the filter built into the lens material itself. These options not only filter the blue-light, but help relieve digital eye strain. CRIZAL PREVENCIA from Essilor and BLUTEC Lenses are the brands we are currently offering.



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