Buying Eyeglasses Online

scout-is-the-single-most-composed-dog-on-the-planet-19Another person came in today and asked for us to fit and adjust his frames that he bought online.

Sometimes a  person will make up a story in order to not admit that they bought them online.  We can usually recognize which ones are bought online once we look at it. So this is a problem in our industry and is often discussed amongst fellow eye care professionals. In the past, we helped people out as a courtesy and often complimentary. Nowadays, we often charge a fee, but it doesn’t take away the feeling of disappointment we get each time this happens,

We are educated to do our job.  We stock our shop with wonderful merchandise.  We spend valuable time helping people to find the perfect frame or sunglass and are too often faced with a person taking pictures of the model numbers. It’s hard to keep the pep in our step when they do this because we internally question what their intentions are.  I’m happy that we still do a nice business regardless of the internet, but I worry about the future of small businesses.  I taught my son to buy local first, even if he has to spend a few more bucks. When you buy cheap you get cheap! So, once again, I told todays online customer that it is impossible to fit a frame that just doesn’t fit him to begin with.



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