store-frontDoug and Marianne D’Amico are artisans in eyewear and masters in the craft of helping people of all ages, styles and personalities find the look and feel that is perfect for them. For Doug and Marianne, matching people and eyewear is a calling that began 30 years ago and grows as they see the results of their caring and commitment to every client

When she was 18, Marianne began working for a frame representative who imported high quality frames from England and sold them nationwide. They frequently visited a Beverly Hills Eyewear Boutique to consult with Elton John about eyewear- All of it outrageous of course! That apprenticeship gave Marianne an appreciation for fine quality items as well as an understanding of the importance of understanding the needs of every client and helping them reflect their uniqueness through eyewear.

Doug began his optical career working at the Beverly Hills Boutique where Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Paul Newman, the Blues Brothers and many others chose eyewear to reveal or conceal their famous faces!

Doug was trained by a demanding German Master Optician who wouldn’t settle for anything less then excellence in an apprentice. One of Doug’s first trainings included hand shaping glass lenses using nothing but a stone wheel. He was so skilled at the process he was commissioned to create a pair of rose colored, heart-shaped, rhinestone-encrusted glasses for Cher. That level of skill and artistry continues to help Doug’s clients, whether he is working on eyewear for everyday or eyewear that makes a statement.

When Doug and Marianne met and married, they moved from Los Angeles to San Diego, but dreamed of an eyewear boutique that would allow them to express their love of blending function, fashion and fun with eyewear of superior quality. Not an assembly line eyewear store in a mall- but a real store requiring real skills for real people who want great looking eyewear.

They also dreamed of Old Encinitas- a town on the Old Coast Highway that spoke to them of California as it used to be and still could be. In 1987 Europtics fulfilled the dream.

They were told by the “experts” to go to a commercial side of New Encinitas, but Doug and Marianne saw in their location a place of wonderful character: A home for artisans and crafters next to studios for yoga and shops for surfers. A place where locals work to preserve the small town feel and historical elements, but who welcome visitors and make them feel at home.

It was perfect for Doug, Marianne and Europtics then-and still is.